Monday 24 February, 2020

Foreday Morning do's and don'ts

The countdown to the Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) Foreday Morning Jam is on!

After the costumes are collected, hair, makeup and crew lined up, come August 4 it will be non-stop action on the road from Bridgetown to Spring Garden.

The Barbados Light & Power has undergone the mammoth task of lighting the entire route, installing over 70 lighting towers, LED lights and ensuring all its street lights are in working order. They will also be providing the lighting at the three starting points at Queen’s Park, BTI car park and BIDC.

BL&P’s Environment & Safety Coordinator, Nicole Thomas, said the company’s wish is for the Crop Over Festival to be completely injury-free and noted, “We are pleased to sponsor the lights along the route to make sure the event is well lit for better security and increased safety.”

In keeping with BL&P’s belief that safety should be a top priority for all Barbadians, Loop has compiled a checklist of ‘do’s and don’ts’ to keep you safe and well-prepared for the jump-up.

- Pace yuhself!

Do drink responsibly – Drinks will be flowing but now is not the time to drink everything in sight.

Do have a designated driver. For good measure also have a back-up designated driver.

Do pay attention to how your drinks are poured.

Don’t take drinks from strangers on the road. 

Officials from the Barbados Light & Power and the National Cultural Foundation during a recent walkthrough of the Foreday Morning Jam route in Bridgetown.

- Get Yuh Crew 'Redy'!

Park in a well-populated and well-lit area. Thanks to the BL&P there will be lots of lighting in Bridgetown.

Do walk with a crew. – If you don’t have a crew, link up with some acquaintances on the road.

Do keep an eye on your friends during the jump.

Don’t allow your friends to venture off with strangers. If your friend becomes inebriated do not leave them unsupervised.

- Behave yuhself!

Don’t walk with weapons. – Alcohol and weapons can only lead to a bad outcome.

Do be on your best behavior – ‘Free up yuhself’ but be mindful of those around you, not everyone wants a wet and wild experience.

Don’t overdo – We don’t want any sprained ankles or strained backs at the end of the jump, so don’t get too carried away by the vibes and find yourself doing acrobatic moves or lifting things (or people) you would normally never contemplate.

- Pelt waist, not waste!

Don’t litter – Just because it is time to fete doesn’t mean you have to be environmentally irresponsible.

Dispose of garbage in bins and admonish your friends to do the same.

- Be prepared!

Don’t think the costume is the only thing you need for the jam. Here are some essentials for your revellers’ starter kit:

Baby oil - ensures you don’t show up at the office still plastered with paint.

Stocking cap - for the ladies who may think it looks tacky, imagine spending all that money on a hairdo only to have it ruined at the start of the big Crop Over season climax.

Tissue and baby wipes - to stay clean on the road. 

Condoms - do not become another statistic, wrap it up!

Vex money & phone credit – Never know what may happen.

Medical essentials - These include asthma inhalers, painkillers and everything in between. Don’t be caught off guard.

Waterproof pouch - All of the above will be null and void without the proper carrying case so ensure your items are well secured.

DO have an enjoyable and safe Barbados Light & Power Foreday Morning Jam. Happy Crop Over!

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