Wednesday 2 December, 2020

Former Miss World T&T speaks out after testing positive for COVID-19

Former Miss World Trinidad and Tobago, Kimberly Farrah Singh, received messages of support after a public post on Facebook saying she tested positive for COVID-19.

The former beauty queen, who is under self-isolation at home, said in a Facebook post on Thursday night that even though she adhered to all safety regulations, she still contracted the disease:

‘I wore a mask PROPERLY every time I was out ----- still became Covid-19 positive. I practiced social distancing----- still became Covid-19 positive. I sanitized/washed my hands often---- still became Covid-19 positive. I avoided touching my face---- still became Covid-19 positive.’

‘I stayed at home only left for work, kept grocery, pharmacy and gas station runs to a minimum----- still became Covid-19 positive. I have no symptoms----- still Covid-19 positive.’

‘I have done all that was required and acted responsibly. Now you may argue that I faltered in some way or the other, guess what none of these measures are fool proof. That's the risk we take every time we leave our houses.’

Singh said she got tested after being told she was a secondary contact to a positive case.

She said there are people who may be asymptomatic and moving around, which is how the disease may be spread.

‘Real talk though, we should be more worried about the persons who are asymptomatic and don't know they are simply because they have no reason to get tested. Worry less about us, the four hundred plus persons who are home isolated.’

She added that she is asymptomatic (showing no symptoms) and in good health.

Singh represented Trinidad and Tobago at the 2015 Miss World pageant in Sanya, China.

As of Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 6 pm, 1,476 people have been infected with the virus locally, with 867 active cases. 

15 people have died while 594 others have been discharged from the hospital. 

The Ministry of Health is urging the public to practice physical distancing, to wear face-masks and sanitise all spaces regularly.

If you or a loved one develops symptoms of COVID-19, please call the hotline 877-WELL or 800-WELL (9355) for further guidance.

If the person is severely ill, call the 811 (emergency hotline) or call ahead to the Accident and Emergency Department of your nearest hospital for help and go in immediately.

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