Thursday 6 August, 2020

‘Funny feeling’ turns into tragedy for St. Michael family

Deceased, Akem 'Pet Head' Jabarry Leon.

Deceased, Akem 'Pet Head' Jabarry Leon.

The younger brother of Akem Leon got a ”funny feeling” in the pit of his stomach when he saw a suspicious-looking car drive into 3rd Avenue Mannings Land in Bank Hall.  

He paid close attention to the vehicle as it drove in and out of the surrounding avenues, just after 9 pm on Tuesday July 2, unable to shake the feeling that an awful event was about to unfold. 

About 20 minutes later, the car drove up to the shop where a number of men emerged and opened fire on those present. The 27-year-old St. Michael resident, nicknamed 'Pet Head', was hit with multiple bullets about the body, while another man, 25-year-old Romario Akeem Phillips, was grazed to the left side of his head. 

Both men were transported to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Leon succumbed to his injuries around 7 pm on Wednesday, July 3.  

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Leon’s brother spoke to LOOP NEWS briefly about the shooting incident before he was forced to cut the interview short to comfort his mother, who had collapsed on the same spot where her first-born son had been gunned down.  

“He [Akem] had now come home from jail only on Friday and he wanted to see his son, so my mother went for him. My mum was there and couple other guys were there. From the time the car swing into the top of the gap I get a feeling, a funny feeling. I just see the car and the car just drive past me and I was watching the car because the car had look ‘hot’. ” 

He said Akem’s two-year-old son went back into the house with his grandmother shortly before the shooting occurred.  

“Somebody out here would’ve had to call and say he [Akem] there sitting down and he son now gone cause he son had now gone back inside just two minutes. The car pull up and then drive past the shop and mussy [sic] see that them under there and reverse. It came back up, park in front and them get out and start to shoot.” 

He said it was chaos after the shooting as he and others scrambled to get Akem into a car to transport him to hospital. Akem was described as a caring person who had plans on expanding the shop he and his brother co-owned, as well as starting an agricultural business.  

"He was going to expand the shop and do a little more. He was even talking about getting piece of land and opening a farming business. Anywhere my brother go he would bring that love and joy to everybody and bring people together. No matter where he go, everybody would come and gather around my brother. That is the love and the energy he does push out there. If he come here right now all you would see is a smile. Besides the life that he used to live, that boy was a boy that was a loving, caring and giving person. People gine now gather [in Bank Hall] for him.” 

The shop was a hive of activity throughout the morning as friends came to offer the family support and share memories of Akem.  


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