Saturday 15 August, 2020

General Elections in May 2018 for Barbados?

Constitutionally, the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Freundel Stuart has until May 2018 to call elections in Barbados.

And he has no intention of ringing the bell prematurely.

Will you be voting whenever elections are called next year?


Recently, in parliament ,he stated, “We were given five years from February 21 and when Parliament is dissolved, the Constitution says you have to call an election within 90 days and all of that we know. So take it easy. The law is going to be observed at every point. You can be sure about that!”

The Prime Minister says that his administration intends to use all of their given time to serve and correct any outstanding issues, and he assured that they are not playing politricks.

“Politics to me has never been a game. I don’t believe that my role in politics is to try and choose the psychologically appropriate moment when I can trick the people to get them to vote for me.

“I think you are voted for, you are given a term for five years; serve your five years. Whatever the state of things may be at the time when the election is due, deal with those things because you are in charge and that is what is going to happen this time around.”

And to those calling for the law to be amended to include a fixed election date, the Prime Minister tossed that notion aside saying, “I don’t need any law to tell me that there should be any fixed election date because my view is, if the people vote for you for five years, serve five years unless there is a no-confidence motion that brings the Government down…

“So I don’t need the sanctification of any law to tell me, ‘You should have a fixed election date’. I don’t need that.”

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