Thursday 20 February, 2020

German travelers warned about new Road Safety laws in Barbados



In light of Barbados' move to the Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2017 and new Regulations, one government has already taken steps to raise awareness amongst its citizens. 

Germany's Ministry of Foreign Affair has updated their Road/driving license section for travel to Barbados.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affair informed their travelling citizens that:

"In Barbados left traffic prevails. The road network is relatively well developed. Most roads are two lanes, narrow and sometimes very winding. Because of many potholes, stray animals, as well as quite unorthodox driving of the locals caution, is advised in the traffic.

"Phoning in the car without handsfree is prohibited.

"Motorcycles and scooters should only be used with appropriate protective clothing despite the tropical temperatures. There is a helmet obligation. Relatively inexpensive taxis are available. Since the taxis have no taximeters, the fare should be negotiated before departure."

They are one of the first of the blocks with this update, as Loop News checked the Government of Canada's Travel website and under the Laws & Culture tab there have been no updates.

Also on the Travel.State.Gov website by the  U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE — BUREAU OF CONSULAR AFFAIRS, there is no update under the Travel & Transportation headline.

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