Friday 10 July, 2020

Girlfriends Expo & Arts Festival showcases 150 exhibitors for 2020

Kimtara Clarke, co-founder of the Girlfriends Expo & Arts Festival (Photo by Linda Branch)

Kimtara Clarke, co-founder of the Girlfriends Expo & Arts Festival (Photo by Linda Branch)

Approximately 150 exhibitors got the chance to showcase their products and services at the Girlfriends Expo & Arts Festival 2020. 

The Festival kicked off yesterday, Saturday, February 1, 2020 in a celebratory mode as the event marked its 11th anniversary.

Utilising space inside and outside the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, the Expo featured food, beverages, clothes, beauty products, jewellery, shoes, vehicles and accessories, business services, books, pet services, and a variety of other items.

While some of the vendors were repeat exhibitors, others indicated that they were making their first appearance at the family-friendly event that was definitely not just for women as the name of the event might initially imply.

“There is literally something for everybody,” stated Kimtara Clarke, the event director who co-founded Girlfriends Expo with her husband, Paul. Clarke spoke to Loop amidst the hectic first day of the two-day event, which ends today, Sunday, February 2.

“This year’s theme is Mexico,” noted Clarke, who explained the event’s theme is changed to a different country or continent each year. Last year's theme was Africa. “We do that because it helps us with either the foodie-side of the theme or it helps us with the cultural-side of the theme. And, the reason for that is as our tagline says, it’s more than an Expo it’s an experience. So it’s about building out an experience each and every year.”

Strolling through the Expo, it was clear to see the “Viva Mexico” theme filtering through the event with the background music, booth and event decorations, and style of dress by many participants.

In addition to exhibitors, the Girlfriends Expo & Arts Festival gathering also provided patrons an opportunity to attend “Feminars” on various topics, as well as musical performances and fashion shows.

Clarke also pointed out that the event had a philanthropic side to it in which the organizers helped to sponsor some entrepreneurs who may have challenges building awareness of their products or services.

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