Monday 30 November, 2020

Governor General believes Barbados needs well-behaved youth

Governor General Dame Sandra Mason talking to students at the QEH

Governor General Dame Sandra Mason talking to students at the QEH

Mannerly schoolchildren pleasantly shocked Barbados' Governor General who encouraged them to keep it up.

The Governor General of Barbados did not intend to teach a lesson to the carolers from Workman's Primary School but she ended up sharing some words of wisdom with the mannerly young singers.

"Good behaviour, good manners, you can't go wrong!" 

As Dame Sandra handed out gifts to the 16 patients on the Paediatric Ward, they sang lustily in the Paediatric Ward of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) this morning. But once her task was completed, and she was graciously thanking the 25 students from the St George-located primary school, they shocked her with their courtesy.

After they belted the last lyric, she thanked them and wished them a "Very Merry Christmas", to which they promptly replied 'Thank you and the same to you!'

The Dame quickly asked them if they do such on their own, and they said 'yes ma'am'. 

Pleasantly surprised, she said, "Wow! And you didn't have to be prompted to tell me that? It's just automatic that if somebody gives you a wish you give them back one too?" In unison they said, 'yes ma'am'. Continuing, she added, "Just like when somebody gives you something you say 'thank you', and if you want something you say 'please', and if you're going to pass in front of somebody who's speaking..." Before she could finish, the children loudly yelled "Excuse me!"

Caught off guard, she animatedly said, "Ey!"

Smiling, Dame Sandra said that her intention was not to school them, "but that is the sort of thing that I want to make sure that you continue to do because those are the things that we are losing in Barbados and Barbados is depending on all of you to carry it forward."

She said, she wants to know as she gets "older" that "there are bright, young people like y'all to carry on the mantle for Barbados. Barbados needs you!"

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