Monday 13 July, 2020

Governor General launches new scholarship trust

Sir Elliot Belgrave and Lady Belgrave have launched the Elliot & Loretta Belgrave Scholarship Trust to assist financially disadvantaged Barbadians with university tuition.

His Excellency along with The Board of Trustees met at Government House today to announce the details of the scholarships scheduled to be rolled out from the start of this academic year.

Within the first year of the trust there will be up to five scholarships available to students pursuing studies in accounts, marine engineering, architecture, maritime law and legislative drafting at the University of the West Indies campus.

Sir Elliot said there is a ‘tremendous reservoir of talent’ in the country and there has to be a mechanism to harness and develop such.

“We, myself and the trustees, are excited by the opportunities these scholarships will provide for the continued national development and all the support we hope other Barbadians will make to ensure the scholarships become a reality.”

One of the trustees, Sir Paul Altman said ‘no gifts are too small’ as he noted many young ones were not able to pursue tertiary education in light of the recent move to implement paid tuition. He said it is difficult to say at present how many people will benefit from the trust but the goal is to spread the scholarships as widely as possible.

He said the committee from among the trustees will oversee the selection process of scholarship awardees which will be advertised in the press when available.

Sir Paul said the recent Student Awards ceremony hosted by UWI, Cave Hill is testament to the number of talents students who have received financial assistance. He said the Elliot and Loretta Belgrave Scholarship Trust will follow accordingly by ensuring that the ‘spirit of giving continues’.

The other trustees include daughter of the Governor General, Susan Belgrave-Matheson who is responsible for fundraising efforts in the United Kingdom, Senator Lady Carol Haynes, Senator Sir Trevor Carmichael. Committee members include Kenneth Knight, Monty Cumberbatch and Ian Estwick.  

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