Friday 30 October, 2020

A Granddaughter's heartbreak fuels ovarian cancer charity in Barbados

246 Teal Founder, Cherrie-Ann Hurley (left) chatting with persons at the launch at Sandals Royal in Barbados.

246 Teal Founder, Cherrie-Ann Hurley (left) chatting with persons at the launch at Sandals Royal in Barbados.

Cherrie-Ann Hurley took up the mantle to raise awareness of ovarian cancer after her granny died from the disease.

Heartbroken when her grandmother was diagnosed at stage 4, she is using her pain to transform a negative into a positive for other families. At 32 years old, Hurley is pushing ahead with making her dream of a 246 Teal charity a reality some day. Motivated by her personal tragedies as she lost not only her grandmother to ovarian cancer nine years ago this month, but also she said 'goodbye' to her aunt recently because of another below the belt gynaecological cancer - urethra cancer. Today, she now considers herself a champion of ovarian cancer, though she admits she will share education about all the gynaecological cancers if asked, but "it's ovarian cancer first!"


Founder of 246 Teal the organisation, Hurley is working with sponsors like Sandals Barbados, Sky Mall, Stansfeld Scott, Gatsby Boutique and Genesis Health Clinic along with a team of her friends to ensure that other families do not go through what her family went through.

Knowing what it means and feels like to lose a loved one to ovarian cancer firsthand, Hurley is not playing advocate. She has been making noise and pushing the knowledge via 246 Teal Tuesdays. Her organisation 246 Teal has not been quietly sitting by while persons refuse to get tested and tested early. 

Chatting with media at the official launch of 246 Teal this month, after a year of action and activism, Hurley launched at Sandals Royal in Barbados.

Answering the question of where the name came from, she said, "So 246 Teal obviously the Barbados area code to set us apart from all the other ovarian cancer awareness organisations, and teal because we fell in love with the acronym - Tell Every Amazing Lady Take Early Action, Live! So it like kinda just works, and then teal represents the colour obviously. 

"It says a lot in a very small and short name."

Hurley said that some people may not understand why she's now launching officially, but she explained her thought process. For her, the first year of existence was one full year of awareness, now it's time to get more partners on board and make a bigger impact.

To achieve this end, Hurley has one huge hope on her wish list; she wants to work more closely with the Breast Screening Programme and the Barbados Cancer Society. Despite many promoting ovarian cancer during the month of September, she would like those championing these two cancers which most impact Barbadian women to overlap for the first week of October and paint Barbados pink and teal.

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