Friday 18 September, 2020

Grocery shopping with a Bajan

Have you ever had to buy “chuna”?

Then chances are a Bajan, most likely an elderly Bajan, has sent you out to the supermarket or corner shop for groceries.

Here are 16 other things you may hear.

1. Yuh got de list, but yuh ain got neidda black led to tick off as we go!”

2. Pick up a sandgridge bread. A what? You mean sandwich!

3. Get some sweet biscuits. Pick up from Shirleys to Tea Times and animal crackers or any cookies.

4. Collect a block uh cheese. Do not skimp and grab a $3 slice of cheese, nor should you go buy a huge block, stick in the $6 to $11 range if you don’t want an argument later.

5. We need tea. You may need green tea bags, herbal tea bags, Horlicks, hot chocolate or even coffee.

6. Bring uh cake uh soap.

7. Get Squeezy! For some people that just means dishwashing liquid.

8. Grab Vim. That is the white powder used to scrub pots and pans, don't ask if they mean 'Ajax'.

9. We want some flit fuh de muskeeters. They may also say get Bop/Baygon, but they really mean don't come back without bug spray/insecticide.

10. Two roll uh toilet paper. They don’t just say get toilet paper.

11. Get a hand towel too. If you’re confused, that is paper towel like Bounty.

12. All de toos-space gone. Lost? He meant toothpaste.

13. Don’t forget pepper. Don’t get mek shame in de supermarket, ask what kind, whether black, white, fresh hot pepper or pepper sauce.

14. Macaroni pun de list? So why you only bring de long one and not de elbers too? *Blink blink* Bajans do not care that macaroni is the name of that specific pasta and no other.

15. Gotta get milk. Take care to buy the right one – evaporated, 2%, whole, almond, or “condense, condense, condense”. Ask a creshtun!

16. And don’t forget to grab foil paper. It’s never just foil.

Now, make sure you keep track of what is on the list, don't forget something on the list. That's the worse thing you could do.


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