Thursday 5 December, 2019

Grynner, Gabby steal show at Mega Concert

The ragga soca genre nearly flattened Kensington Oval with tracks such Jack by Gabby and Leggo I Hand by Grynner.


Of all the acts to grace the stage at the Golden Spectacular Mega Concert, those to highlight the 90’s generation of music were the definite crowd favourites.

First out of the gates to highlight the best of the 90’s Bajan music was MADD who sang the Madd Revival Song. Young, old and in between jumped to their feet from the time to band struck and demonstrated they knew the dance moves to accompany the lyrics. Before they could get a moment’s rest out came Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter with the ever popular Jack. The audience sang word for word melodiously with some even mimicking the signature footwork of Gabberts.

From the time the backing band hit the first chords of Stinging Bees, patrons were jumping, shouting and cheering loudly for, Grynner. With his wide smile and fancy dance steps the Old Dog showed he was old in name only, but definitely not old in nature. He next sang Leggo I Hand and the grounds of Kensington Oval vibrated with cheers and applause. When he completed his performance and left the stage the audience could be heard shouting the popular refrain ‘We want more Grynner, we want more’.

Unfortunately there was no encore performance as the show, already running behind time, still had many more acts to be featured.

Up next  was Spice n Company who sang the old time favourites such as Bump and Wine and Too Many Guns and also sang new music from their upcoming album.

Coming into early 2000, Red Plastic Bag and Rupee got the crowd moving with tracks such as Jump and Something’s Happening. The battle off between Soca Queen, Alison Hinds and the General, Edwin Yearwood resonated well with the patrons and they showed they still remembered the words and the moves to tracks such as Sak Passe and Faluma.

With the concert now more than an hour past its scheduled finishing time, patrons were more than restless, tired and wondering if superstar Riri was going to make an appearance. There was a bit of a false alarm when a video presentation showed clips of the international songstress during an award acceptance speech. The crowds rushed to the front of the stage shouting ‘Riri’ but they were disappointed when they realized it was local artistes doing covers of her hit songs.

Betty Griffith-Payne, Nikita and Cha’n quickly settled their disappointment when they sang their hearts out to Diamonds and Love on the Brain.

The bashment soca segment got the crowd hyped fresh although there seems to be some hiccups with Stiffy’s performace forcing him to leave the stage prematurely. Porgie and Murda picked up the slack and Lil Rick kept them entertained with his wines and grinds.

The show closed out with nation building songs such as Big Up by IWEB, One People, One Nation by Aziza and what more fitting way to end an Independence concert than with Iz a Bajan by Lil Rick.

Other notable performances during the concert were the gospel segment which was a tribute to the late Joseph Niles and included performances by Sister Marshall, Paula Hinds and Mike Sealy. The 80’s generation was also well represented with performances by Wendy Alleyne, Smokey Burke, the Colin Spencer Quartet and the white shoe wearing Richard Stoute. 


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