Thursday 1 October, 2020

Hackett wants to help credit union members create generational wealth

Shakeira Hackett

Shakeira Hackett

She's picturing a world where entreprenuers at the credit union support each other, get counselling especially post-COVID and reap the rewards of their savings in such a way as to build nest eggs for their children and their children's children.

And now she wants to take a step towards bringing her dream to reality for the benefit of small business owners and young Barbadians especially.

No longer willing to stand on the sidelines, even in a year as difficult as 2020 so far, Shakeira Hackett is tossing her hat in the ring to gain a spot on the Barbados Public Workers' Co-operative Credit Union, Credit Committee.

An accountant by profession, Hackett, a final level CPA student holds a Bachelors in Accounting and Finance (Hons).

With many people unsure when it comes to their finances besides savings and maybe throwing for a meeting turn, some join the credit union but still are clueless about how they can make their money grow or work for them.

Chatting with Loop Business, we asked Hackett what made her go about this endeavour.

Loop Business: What made you submit your name for the elections?

Shakeira Hackett: I have been interested in the credit union movement for a very long time and after serving on the Scholarships and Grants committee, I further developed a desire to serve in a greater capacity.

Loop Business: What are your top three goals or plans for the organization if elected?

Shakeira Hackett: I want to -

· Facilitate the online processing of loans and this will be from conception right until disbursement, in a timely manner.

· Implement programmes to teach members how to create generational wealth, where a pool is formed and services are traded and advertised within the Small business pool. This would encourage members to support the businesses within the credit union group and the retention become larger and leakage is minimized.

· Embrace other stakeholders from the smaller coops, assisting them with services which they do not currently offer.

Loop Business: In today's world, do you think more people need to understand what the credit union is and its benefits?

Shakeira Hackett: Yes. The credit union has numerous benefits and programmes which are not readily known by the average member.

Loop Business: Would you like to see all young people having a credit union account?

Shakeira Hackett: There are many benefits to be derived by having a credit union account. There are accounts at various levels for which young people can subscribe to.

Loop Business: In this remote learning environment, how would you like to reach entrepreneurs and young people?

Shakeira Hackett: The preferred method to capture the interest of young entrepreneurs/people would be Social Media or any online platform.

Loop Business: How do you think you can help people most now post-COVID?

Shakeira Hackett: If it were up to me, I would -

· Create a process of communication with the members which allows amicable solutions to any problems where the process is beneficial to both parties.

· Providing counselling services to those affected.

· New ways of financing especially in the micro financing area.

Loop Business: Why should someone vote for you?

Shakeira Hackett: I believe that my critical thought processes would allow me to give the upmost representation to the members and the credit union. From my professional background of an Accountant, I am able to bring a wealth of experience especially in the area of analysis.

Voting takes place at the Garfield Sobers Complex in Wildey from 11am to 2pm tomorrow (September 12). All BPWCCU members can vote. Walk with your ID cards.

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