Monday 6 July, 2020

Health Minister assures he's well: 'I'm touched by the concern'

Minister of Health and Wellness Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic

Minister of Health and Wellness Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic

Minister of Health and Wellness Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic is well.

He gave this assurance today (May 16), following an article on Loop where persons expressed concern about the Minister's well-being. 

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In a statement issued by the Government Information Service, the Health and Wellness Minister today expressed appreciation to all those who took to social media to advise him that he needed to remember to rest amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acknowledging the public's advice to get rest and their high praise for his efforts so far in dealing with the public health emergency expressed both in the article and on Loop's Facebook page, Bostic said:

“I’m touched by the concerns expressed for my well-being, but want to assure the public that all is well with me and my health. It has been a challenging four months preparing for, and then dealing with COVID-19 from a healthcare perspective, but I have been ably supported by a very competent and hardworking public health team as well as an administrative and technical staff, who are all deserving of this country’s eternal gratitude.

“My efforts have also been buttressed by the several roles played by my Cabinet colleagues, and at this stage, we are heartened by what we are seeing as many days we have no new cases and when we do see a new positive case, it’s one out of 100 or more persons tested. So, we are getting there. Barbadians, for the most part, have been cooperative in heeding the public health advice and I commend them for the responsible role they have played and continue to play.”

The public's concern arose after they saw a photo of an exhausted looking Bostic on social Thursday.

Photo caption: This is the photo of Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic taken at the Social Partnership Meeting held on Thursday, May 14, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. (Source: PM Mia Mottley FB page)

Minister Bostic explained that last Thursday, when the photograph was snapped, was a particularly busy day, which began for him with a 5.30 am meeting and continued with meetings into the late evening.

On Facebook, in response to the Loop article entitled 'Exhausted-looking Health Minister urged to 'get rest,'' the most popular reader responses were:

"I always to [sic] tell myself this is a very strenuous job for anyone, I hope he gets the rest needed. May the Blessings of the Lord be with them all."

"Give Jack his jacket when needed.....he really need rest after all of this that he kept the public informed when we have case he look [sic] like he hardly get [sic] sleep"

"The soldier in him will not allow him to want to test as is suggested.
No retreat, no surrender.
We can only pray that he does not become ill."

"Covid-19 [sic] is not the only illness out there and a tired weakened body can pick up all sorts of ailment. The Minister has worked incredibly hard during these stressful Covid-19 [sic] times and Bajans have been kept safe because of his efforts. But clearly he needs to get some rest so that he can continue performing at his best."

The article received almost 100 emoji responses on Facebook, over 40 comments and was shared over 45 times in six hours.

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