Sunday 26 May, 2019

Health Minister lauds QEH Gold Level accreditation

(File Photo)

(File Photo)

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital has been awarded an International Accreditation at the gold level by Accreditation Canada.  

This accomplishment was officially celebrated last Friday with Health Minister John Boyce. He dubbed the achievement as "one of the most important events in the health sector calendar". 

Minister Boyce emphasised the importance of accreditation, listing it as one of the most powerful symbols of a health care organisation’s commitment to providing high-quality, safe health-care.  

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"Indeed Accreditation is regarded as a basis of the safety and quality programmes of many health care systems.  It is based on the application of nationally and internationally agreed standards for assessing and benchmarking the performance of any health care facility, whether hospital or clinic," he said. 

While accreditation benefits all stakeholders, Minister Boyce said the patients of the QEH are the biggest beneficiaries, as the accreditation will result in high quality of care and patient safety, whilst also ensuring that the patients’ rights are respected and protected. 

"Resources at the QEH will be used more efficiently as there will be a marked reduction in waste as process improvement principles are applied throughout the organization from the procurement of supplies to the management of patient flow. Over time cost savings to provide healthcare will be realized, as it costs less to provide quality health care than to provide care that is not," he opined.  

The accreditation, he further stated will allow The Board of Management of the hospital to be able to identify its strengths and weaknesses, promote transparency, improve their hospital management process, and thereby increase accountability to the Barbadian public. 

He lauded the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Dexter James, the Executive Management team, and all employees of the QEH, both past and present for the accomplishment. 

At the end of the process the QEH scored a 90% compliance rate with Accreditation Canada’s Standards at the Gold Level to be was awarded International Accreditation with Condition – GOLD.  

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