Sunday 26 May, 2019

Health Officer warns: Clear bins 'FAS'

Festival Production Coordinator Adisa ‘Aja’ Andwele distributing site maps to police officers.

Festival Production Coordinator Adisa ‘Aja’ Andwele distributing site maps to police officers.

FAS Promotions Inc. has been cautioned to quickly manage the waste bins all day during the Digicel Reggae on the Hill event for 2018.

Highlighting the garbage receptacles in the V.I.P section namely, Senior Environmental Health Officer, Winston Tyrell was stern as he once again issued a word of advice and warning to the directors on hand and the Production Coordinator at the site visit held this morning, April 18, at Farley Hill in St. Peter.

The Directors nodded in understanding, but he went on to assert that his words should not fall on deaf ears because in the past written correspondence was sent on this same issue, which is being taken very seriously this toss.

Speaking to Loop News he explained:

"One of the problems which we usually have because this is not the first year is usually be waste management... This letter [which I referred to earlier] was in relation to the event like post the event. We sent out letters saying, 'Well look this is the issue we had with the event this year, and have it addressed'."

Asked if the promoters have taken steps to comply in the past, he said, "I don't want to say that they didn't, maybe they did, but the VIP is a lot of food, and it is free food, so it keeps flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing so they weren't fast enough in emptying the bins, so that's it."

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In addition, Tyrell, sponsors and other stakeholders including members of the Royal Barbados Police Force heard that more sponsors have come on board and that there will be additions and changes to the bars and stations in the VIP section.

This led one senior officer with the Force to ask if it will mean greater numbers in the same confined space, but Director Alison Hunte assured her that it will be the same number of patrons. The senior officer said she was seeking clarity for security and safety reasons.

In terms of if there are any other health issues which have presented in the past, Tyrell said, "Waste management and sometimes the vendors not following the rules in terms of how they are supposed to dress and what's not, and a couple of issues with food and like temperatures and that sort of stuff."

Tomorrow, however, the Reggae Festival Production Coordinator Adisa ‘Aja’ Andwele will be meeting with the vendors for all the events on the Barbados Reggae Festival calendar at the Winston Scott Polyclinic in Jemmotts Lane to lay down the rules and regulations.

FAS Promotions Director Al Gilkes reiterated to those gathered for the site visit that "safety is paramount," as he also reminded that on April 29, 2018, glass bottles will not be allowed in the Farley Hill venue, vendors will not serve patrons glass bottles and only the smallest size coolers will be allowed as well.

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