Monday 22 July, 2019

His Excellency Sir Elliott Belgrave demits office soon

The GG got a 'thank you' cake from the students of Boscobel Primary.

The GG got a 'thank you' cake from the students of Boscobel Primary.

The Governor General, His Excellency Sir Elliott Belgrave has not only ended his school tour with a first, but he also returned to his alma mater yesterday – Boscobel Primary, filled with emotion.

The now 86-year-old declared recently at a visit with a centenarian that he has made the decision to officially walk away from the Governor General post.

He said, “Nobody has asked me to demit office. It is my own doing.”

The Governor General said that he is demitting office to make way for someone else to get a chance “to carry on what is necessary.”

Previously he had said that only he and the Prime Minister know the date that he would leave, but now he has shared that his exit will come at the end of June.

The Governor General said, “I love people. I like to see people happy and to make people happy. But the job is very challenging, it is very stressful, to do it properly you have to pay close attention.”

His Excellency started his primary school tour at St. Philip Primary school with much pomp and pantry; he went around the entire island visiting each and every primary school, and he paid a visit to the special needs educational facility – The Irving Wilson School before ending his island tour with a visit to his one and only nursery school – the Maria Holder Trust Nursery School at Gall Hill, in Christ Church.

Yesterday, Sir Elliott was moved almost to tears as the students and staff of Boscobel Primary paid tribute to him. He is a past student and product of the rural St. Peter-located school. Boscobel Primary celebrated its 125th year of existence in January.

Sir Elliott’s birthday was March 16, and though belated, he happily cut the birthday cake, which he was presented with yesterday, Monday, March 20, 2017.

I’m happy. I have one of the most beautiful jobs any Barbadian can have.”

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