Friday 10 July, 2020

HOT TOPIC: Perfume scammers driving around again

"You went school with me?" This appears to be the most popular line tossed out to unsuspecting persons from the car of the perfume scammers.

It seems that quite a few people have had at least one run-in with perfume scammers across the island and the interaction is very similar whether the scammer is male or female.

Today’s reported incident brought the experiences back to the fore for many who took the time to share their personal experiences in Loop’s comment section on Facebook.

In today’s article the Police spokesperson, Roland Cobbler said, “That used to be happening a lot a long time ago, and this lady like she loves to troll the parking lots of businesses like supermarkets and stuff,” and by the comments he was not kidding.

The most liked comment was by Carol T Hinds and she said:

“Oh my...i came across this two years ago...exact same approach by calling school name i assume she did know me. Luckily i had a headache and told her the smell will make me sick. This happened Massy Holetown car park she and guy drove sky blue suzuki swift”

Roseline Powell-Austin agreed with Hinds and added, “She didn't call a school name but she used the went to school with me ploy. She drove the same car and this happened in SuperCentre Sargent's village 2 years ago.”

María Francis shared, "Lady passenger seat and guy was driving I had just left Massey sunset crest was walking towards Limegrove. Told me she was Sharika's cousin if I didn't remember her. I remember faces very well and I didn't know her for sure. Car was blue. I gave her my don't care look and they got the gist and kept moving"

Outside of malls and shopping centres, others spoke of run-ins in Bridgetown.

Tanya Hinds She did it to me in town last year. Pulled up next to me behind Cave Shepherd saying we went school together and she want me sell a perfume for her and gave me her number. I was

And though many spoke of incidences from years ago, Yolande Spice said, “The lady came to me this week.”

Have you ever been approached and did you report the incident to the management or security of the establishment nearest to you, or did you call the police?

Comment and tell us.


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