Wednesday 27 May, 2020

How to: Make sure your food establishment meets Barbados' requirements

Barbados' law is very strict when it comes to food establishments.

Getting an 'A' grade by Health officials means following the rules, toeing the line and hence always being ready for any surprise inspections.

Food establishments in Barbados have general requirements to adhere to as set out in the law - the Health Services (Food Hygiene) Regulations. 1969. 

Any establishment where food is being prepared for sale or distribution by way of catering or sampling must fit the bill and pass the standard according to Barbados' Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Health Services Act.

Part Two of the Regulations outlines clearly the 'General Requirements' for all food establishments in Barbados.

(1) No food business shall be carried on in any insanitary premises, stall or place or in any premises, stall or place the use of which because of the situation, construction or condition thereof exposes food to the risk of contamination.

(2) All multi-use utensils used for preparing, serving, eating, or drinking of food shall be thoroughly cleaned after each usage.

(3) Single-service containers shall be used once.

(4) Drying cloths, if used, shall be clean and reasonably dry and shall be used for no other purpose.

(5) No article, polish or other substance containing any cyanide preparation or other poisonous material shall be used for cleaning or polishing of any utensil which is used for the preparation, storage or serving of food. (

6) Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraplis, all containers (including returnable containers) intended for use with food in the course of a food business, whether or not they come into contact, or are liable to come into contact, with food, shall so far as is reasonably practicable, be protected and kept free from contamination.


Terms as defined in the Health Services 9Food Hygiene) Regulations. 1969. Part One Preliminary

2. (I) For the purposes of these regulations - 

"business" includes the undertaking of a canteen, club, school, hospital or institution, whether carried on for profit or not;

"container" includes any basket, pail, tray, package or receptacle of any kind, whether open or closed;

"contamination" includes contamination by rodents, dust, flies and other insects and by odours, and "contaminated " shall be construed accordingly;

"equipment " includes apparatus, furnishings and utensils used for the storage, preparation and distribution of food and drink;

"fish" means cooked or uncooked fish (including cured or smoked fish) ancl illclutles any other form of sea-food;

"food" includes any live or dead animal or fish or part thereof and any other article used for food or drink by man, other than drugs or water, or any other article which ordinarily enters into or is used in the composition or preparation of human food or flavouring matters and condiments, intended for sale, or sold, for human consumption;

"food business" has the meaning assigned to it by regulation 3;

"food premises" means any premises or or from which there is carried on any food business, and includes a stall;

"food room'' means any room in which any person engages in the handling of food or in the cleaning of equipment for the purposes of a food business,

"meat " means the flesh (including edible offal and fat) of cattle, swine, sheep, rabbits, poultry and goats, which is sold or intended for sale for human consumption, and includes bacon and ham;

"open food " means food not contained in containers and so closed as to exclude all risk of contamination;

"premises" mcnns a building or part of a building and any forecourt, yard or place of storage used in connection with a building;

"preparation", in relation to food, includes manufacture and any form of treatment, and "prepared" shall be construed accordingly ;

"stall'' includes any stand, marquee, tent or mobile canteen.

3. (1) In these regulations " food business " means, subject to paragraph (2), any trade or business for the purposes of which any person engages in the handling of food, and includes the undertaking of a canteen, club, school, hospital or institution, whether carried on for profit or not.

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