Tuesday 20 November, 2018

IMF programme will leave the poor behind, warns Paul 

Democratic Labour Party (DLP) incumbent for St Michael West Central, James Paul.

Democratic Labour Party (DLP) incumbent for St Michael West Central, James Paul.

The challenges faced by the poorest members of our society will proliferate if Barbados goes to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

That warning came from Democratic Labour Party (DLP) incumbent for St Michael West Central, James Paul.

Speaking during a meeting last night at Deacons Farm, St Michael, Paul asserted that his party protects the interest of the most vulnerable in the Barbadian society:

"We have to hold faith with the Democratic Labour Party, the party that truly respects the poor and the vulnerable and stands on their side."

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He went on to say that this was not the case with the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), particularly speaking to BLP leader Mia Mottley's recent declaration that she would seek assistance from the IMF if deemed necessary:

"The IMF was set up for purposes such as this. Will it be the only way? It isn't! But does it allow us to bring back confidence and allow us to deal with the international capital markets and everything else? It does."

Nothing that "they are the ones who wanted us to go to the IMF," Paul told the audience to look to Jamaica to see what an IMF programme can do:

"Don't come telling me that I should bring an IMF programme here that show you the same results as we see in Jamaica. Because let me tell you the results of an IMF programme in Jamaica. They shut down 17 schools in Jamaica. 17 schools in Jamaica shutdown and all the IMF care about is what, numbers looking right, numbers looking correct and 17 schools shutdown

"Teacher-pupil ratios moving from one-to-30 to one-to-50 and 60. Let me ask you a question now, the teacher has to be really good, how could you control 60 children in a class? And they telling you this is austerity measures - that is the IMF programme in Jamaica."

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He also told electorates that while persons expressed concern about the public transport system on the island, an IMF programme could make the matter worse:

"And you talking about transport, listen to me, understand what I am saying to you, we have the cheapest transport cost in the region - getting children to school. And you want to tell me that we are going to embrace a party that will run to the IMF... but actually insert programmes in this country that could cause harm and damage to the poor of this country?"

Reinforcing his point, Paul urged persons not to vote for the BLP if they wanted to avoid such measures: 

"I know many of you have mothers and fathers who struggling hard, you know how much harder it could get? Try what they are telling you and you would see how much harder that it could get."

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