Friday 18 September, 2020

WATCH: Busy Bajan - Jamar bringing the fun to fitness

Fitness Entrepreneur Jamar Griffith of J. G Fitness

Fitness Entrepreneur Jamar Griffith of J. G Fitness

Exercise can be a grueling and boring task for some, but for fitness instructor Jamar Griffith, having fun is an integral part of getting and staying in shape. 

For the past four years, the thriving entrepreneur has proven that he knows how to bring the fun to fitness and those in the north of the island have been flocking to his Speightstown-based studio to take advantage of his diverse range of services.


Located in the Town Square Mall in the northern business centre, the 33-year old fitness enthusiast's studio transforms into a hive of activity, especially on evenings. J.G was the first gym in the island to offer rebound fitness, better known as trampoline fitness.

This is one of the more exhilarating classes offered, which Jamar conducts personally. The demand for it is so great that attendees must book well in advance to gain one of the limited coveted spots available on Wednesday evenings. It is a fully hyped experience, complete with a deejay and movements executed on trampolines to a slew of some of the most popular local, regional and international tracks.  

Jamar recently added a wuk-up workout to the gym’s roster, with choreographed sessions by the well-known 'Spinny'. This has been gaining in popularity, with fully subscribed classes.  

J.G Fitness offers something for everyone. Those looking for energetic workouts can choose from their roster of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions or work up a sweat on stationary bikes during spin classes. Targeted toning offerings like their ‘Buns and Tums’ sessions and the more subdued yoga sessions that focus on stretching and meditation are more suited to those in search of lower intensity options.

Owner Jamar is no stranger to fitness and his physique alone suggests that he practices what he preaches. Not only is he an ISSA-certified personal trainer, but he also holds ACSM certification in Group Training and Strength Conditioning. He has played for numerous local cricket teams and he is currently a member of the Maple Cricket Club, representing the island at the national level on the Barbados B team.

His excellence in the sport also afforded him the opportunity to play league cricket for both Atherton and Harthill in England. During last year’s CPL tournament he toured with the St Kitts & Nevis Patriots as the team’s Head Strength & Conditioning Trainer.

Daily Routine 

A typical day for Jamar begins from as early as 5 am and can run well past 9 pm. He is constantly on the move and when he is not conducting off-site personal training sessions or in-studio group classes, he is conceptualizing new ways to set his enterprise apart from the competition.

The ambitious father-of-two is motivated by his personal mantra to “embrace and radiate positivity”. He no longer subscribes to self-doubt but views every setback as an opportunity to learn and grow. This outlook, in conjunction with his love for his two daughters, is what propels his quest for success, he readily admitted in his interview with Loop.

Jamar Griffith of J. G Fitness

Being an out-of-the-box thinker, Jamar is not hesitant to take his fitness experiences to those who may not be able to make it to his St Peter-based studio. At the request of several corporations, their employees have benefited from trampoline classes conducted on their premises. Griffith loves to see clients enjoying themselves and relishes witnessing both the physical and psychological transformations his clients go through when they embrace more active lifestyles. Currently he also facilitates personal training sessions with several West Indian and CPL cricketers.

In addition to his physical services, this multifaceted entrepreneur also conducts professional seminars where he educates on how exercise can aid in reducing stress. He uses his wealth of knowledge in the fitness arena to advise on how it can be used to achieve that balance between an individual’s personal and professional life, having had speaking engagements at businesses such as Sagicor and The Barbados Light & Power Ltd.

It is Jamar’s intention for J. G to become a full-fledged fitness studio, offering both a wide-range of equipment and experiences. In the interim, he vows to continue promoting ‘fitness for a reason and not a season’ as he wholeheartedly believes it should be embraced as a lifestyle change and not a superficial one. With his innate drive and perpetual hunger for success, he is determined to see all his dreams realized in the not-too-distant future.

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