Monday 13 July, 2020

Jump Promotions' 2017 Kadooment band pays tribute to Renee Ratcliffe

Costumes will be revealed on May 27 at Bagatelle Great House.

"This is a fairly bitter sweet occasion because I'm here to announce that we're actually going to have a band this year. As you know, last year we lost Renee right at the beginning of the jump so obviously it has become a situation where we didn't know if we would participate ever again," said Paul Johnson, CEO of Paul's Enterprises and Jump Promotions.

Johnson, along with Laura Galt (Jump Promotions Band Leader), Marlon Brewster (Designer) and Daniel Evelyn (event organizer and sponsor liaison) revealed the news at a press briefing at Bagatelle Great House on Wednesday evening.

Designed by Marlon Brewster, this year the band will house six sections and three individuals, all dedicated to some aspect of Renee's life.

The six sections include The BIRTH of Renee "PISCES"- A Designer is Born; The LOVE of Renee "TWINS"- A Tale of Night and Day; The PASSION of Renee "PHOENIX"- Ride of The Pheonix; The JOYS of Renee "BEAUTY AND THE BEASTS" - Butterflies and Steel Donkeys; The SPIRIT of Renee "MIMOSAS"- A Toast to our Queen; The HEART of Renee "THE ART OF CREATION"- Ode to Old Mas; and three individual costumes – A Wave of Hope, Dance of the Dragonfly and Queen of Kadooment.

Brewster, who described Ratcliffe as his confidante, a woman he looked up to in the highest esteem and a woman who meant everything to him, described the feeling as "exciting" and "honourable" to carry on the legacy for her.

During the press launch, the Jump Promotions team also revealed that the legendary Alan Sheppard (Ratcliffe's uncle) of Spice and Company will be writing, producing and performing the theme song for Jump Promotions Band 2017 entitled "High Like a Dragonfly".

The release date is yet to be announced.

Although Renee's father could not attend the press launch because the family is "still hurting so much over Renee's passing" and was "just not in a party mood", he reassured that team with a note letting them know that he will be "fully behind them and wish them the best for 2017."


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