Wednesday 5 August, 2020

Junior takes offence to 'fleet-footed' comment but still gets no bail

He made a lengthy application for bail but the "fleet-footed" Junior Nathaniel Beckles still ended up on the remand block at HMP Dodds yesterday.

This was the outcome after the 54-year-old of Combermere Street, St Michael denied robbing Tyrone Beckles of $800, US$56, one cellphone worth $500 and one $80 watch; a total value of $1490.88. Beckles was appearing in the District "A" Magistrates' Court before Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant.

Though Beckles denied the charge, the prosecution objected to his bail on a number of grounds.

"Facts alleged that the accused was accompanied by another party who assisted him in the alleged charge before the court [also] the accused is "fleet of foot" and there may be challenges in having him return to court," the prosecutor said.

The Crown's representative went further to say that the allegation was a serious one which mirrored "a choke and rob situation" and that none of the property was recovered.

Police were also said to be searching for the other accused in the matter.

Beckles, in response, made it clear how he felt about being labelled "fleet-footed" 

"It is quite clear the prosecutor doesn't know me when he speaks about fleet-footed and don't come court...I have cases in this court right now and I have never been missed from this court for not one single court date"

Beckles also dismissed any notion that he would re-offend if granted bail saying:

"There's no prosecutor, no part of the world mam, that could say if a person get bail that he gin go and re-offend...if he is going to use them words that mean you could best sentence me now, because he done find me guilty already... the only person who know if you will re-offend is the almighty God"

He said "the court's main interest" when a person was granted bail was that the person attends court at their "appointed time" so to avoid 'wasting paper to write warrants'.

The magistrate then asked, "Isn't it true also that the court is interested in whether the accused will re-offend or not, that is, for the safety of society?"

She then remanded him until May 16.

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