Thursday 22 August, 2019

Keep your license plates and registration discs

Sergeant Seibert Johnson warned new and old vehicle owners.

Sergeant Seibert Johnson warned new and old vehicle owners.

“Don’t sell a vehicle with your registration discs or numbers affixed. Just remove them!”

This stern warning has been issued to motor vehicle owners by the Royal Barbados Police Force as it relates to retaining license plates and registration discs after vehicles have been sold or involved in accidents.

“Whenever you are selling your vehicle, remove the registration discs and registration numbers from that vehicle or even if that vehicle is involved in an accident, after the police complete their investigations, remove the car’s registration disc and your registration numbers from the vehicle,” cautioned Sergeant Seibert Johnson of the Royal Barbados Police Force, Traffic Division.

He told Loop News:

“The reason for this being, if you pay for your vehicle in January and it is involved in an accident in May, the insurance company sells that car, someone bought it and repairs it. They’re gonna drive about with those numbers and that disc on that vehicle you know, because when the police check, they will observe that the disc is good and the registration numbers are good until January of the next year, not knowing that the person is not covered by taxes because it wasn’t his or her vehicle.

“He or she is driving around with numbers that were assigned to someone else before.”

And he assured that this behaviour could spell trouble for both the previous vehicle owner and the purchaser if the vehicle gets into a collision.

He explained:

“If the person informs the Ministry [of Transport and Works] that the vehicle is sold, then no problem, or involved in an accident, no problem. Or if the police have proof that that vehicle was in a collision and it was written off, no problem. Other than that, it will rest with you, the previous owner.

“Then you will be charged with Failure to Inform MTW and the person would be failing to register the vehicle and pay the taxes, because it’s the buyer’s duty to make sure the taxes are paid up and the vehicle is registered [and] it’s your duty to inform the Ministry that you have sold the vehicle or the vehicle is no longer in your custody, it was written off.

“So both persons have to be on the alert.”

However, Sergeant Seibert Johnson reiterated that the onus is on vehicle owners to demand their possessions up front, without excuse or any delay.

“Persons are saying to you, ‘I’m going to bring back the number plates t you.’ But then, you don’t see them.

“Let them go to MTW [the Ministry of Transport and Works] hire some LA [Licensing Authority] plates which are for the day, they’re for $10. They can hire the LA plates and can carry the vehicle wherever if they don’t have a wrecker or if they don’t want to it.

“But if they are going to drive it, don’t allow them to use your registration plates.”

He said that the LA plates are similar to the red and white plates more commonly referred to as garage plates.

On the other hand, he proposed that they can also seek Limited Trade Plates from some garages. They can use some and get permission to carry the vehicle from one location to another, “it’s cool.”

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