Thursday 13 August, 2020

Kerwin Dubois wins emotional clash against 'Famalay' producer

Kerwin Dubois and Krishna 'Dada' Lawrence starred in the second edition of Battle of the Hits

Kerwin Dubois and Krishna 'Dada' Lawrence starred in the second edition of Battle of the Hits

The second edition of Battle of the Hits ended on an emotional note on Thursday night when Kerwin Dubois broke down.

Dubois was battling Krishna ‘Dada’ Lawrence, the Dominican producer behind Trinidad Carnival’s 2019 Road March ‘Famalay’ and ‘Conch Shell’.

As they were wrapping up, Dubois expressed thanks to Dada for taking part and the close to 500 fans who were watching the live Instagram battle with the song ‘Unforgettable’.

“Reality kick in just now to know how our love, appreciation, thoughts and creativity are translated and projected to the outer world through sound and through heart. We give so much to this industry that sometimes I feel the rewards for it isn’t great enough…we give so much to this thing and the rewards sometimes don’t add up,” he said.

Wiping away tears, Dubois said the stage for him is home and his soca fans are family and it is hard not knowing when next he will be with his family.

“It really hurtful and that is why I does really try my best to acknowledge big up the people responsible for making soca what it is and I really hope people have more respect and appreciation to people who put their life on the line for this industry. When we travel we don’t know what could happen to us on a plane, we don’t know what could happen when we get to a country. I really hope people don’t forget us,” he said.

Battle of Hits aims to showcase the work of soca producers across the region.

Thursday night’s clash proved to be a real education especially for Trinbagonians who are not familiar with Dada or his body of work.

While some of his songs such as Flipo’s “Oh Gosh’ and Vghn and Patrice Roberts’ 'Road Calling’ are known, the hits he has created in other islands less familiar.

Dada, whose songs have won Power Soca, Groovy Soca and Road March titles throughout the region, gave us a taste of Dominica’s Cadencelypso with the 2013 Road March ‘De Long Tongue’ by Halibut from Belles Combo, a band from the 70s, as well as ‘Freedom’ by Alpha, which he co-produced with the late producer Lebo and which won the Groovy Soca Monarch in 2010, and Fireman Hooper’s ‘Wild’ which won the St Vincent Soca Monarch in 2017.

Calling himself the ‘Power God’, Dada played mostly power songs against Dubois’ Groovy hits such as ‘Circles’, ‘I Am Soca’ and ‘Possessed’ during which he became emotional. Dubois did counter Dada’s power songs with some of his own such as his and Lil Rick’s ‘Monster Winer’, Blaxx’ ‘Tusty’ and ‘Wotless’.

In the end, Dubois thanked Dada, stating that although he had heard of him, he didn’t know him but he liked his vibes and attitude.

Dubois was judged as the winner of the clash.

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