Sunday 29 March, 2020

Kontact keeps adding Prestige to Barbados’ Crop Over

Many persons love all white affairs (Photo credits: Reeko Lynch)

Many persons love all white affairs (Photo credits: Reeko Lynch)

Kontact Band can boast about having one of the most prestigious events for the Crop Over season, in name and nature according to its patrons.

Prestige - the premium all-inclusive party came off at the Barbados Museum on Sunday evening, June 25, from 4:00 pm until 11:00 pm.

Megasounds, Indian and Chris Gayle, Ras and Chasey, Scott Le Roc and Mali Fresh, Big Mike and DJ Dex entertained on the ones-and-twos while Hypasounds, Marvay, Leadpipe and Saddis got up and personal with patrons moving through the crowd as they performed.

"This is my favourite event for the Crop Over season, but I believe it isn’t marketed properly. In a year or two this is going to be one of the biggest Crop Over events," said one regular patron.

"This is my first time coming and I will be back for sure. The food was good, the drinks were good... It was a great experience," added another.

Promoter Anthony Layne, who explained that Prestige is more about patrons having an authentic all-inclusive experience than about numbers or profits, told Loop he was proud of the overall outcome of the event.

He said:

"I am absolutely proud!

“Prestige is more about an experience than numbers so if you would've notice none of our food stations ran out of food; our bar is fully stocked and our numbers will never be above a certain amount because we're offering an experience. It's not about the money or making a profit, it's about an ultimate all-inclusive experience. Our menu and drinks bars are expansive and diverse, there were no lines at any of our stations. That's what Prestige is all about, the name speaks for itself.” 

Spaking about why they will continue to cap the number of attendees, he added, “We have kept our numbers at a target and we will never go over that amount because we looked at all-inclusive events and we recognized that you cannot offer an all-inclusive event to 400 and 500 numbers because they cannot feel special in an event. That's not where the direction of Prestige is going."

Admitting that organizing both a Grand Kadooment and Foreday Morning band as well as hosting events is a hard task, Layne singled out his hardworking team members as the driving force behind getting the jobs done right.

"We have a division of laborers so we have particular people dealing with certain events. We have Macara and myself in the band house dealing with band house affairs as it relates to Foreday Morning and Crop Over, then we have a team working with Prestige. That's how we are able to make it work because we have a division of labor."

In terms of the band, he told patrons to look out for something big. "Kontact is going global!" he professed. And with a big smile, he added, "Kontact is going global! Just leave it at that! I can’t let anymore out of the bag but we are going global!"

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