Monday 6 July, 2020

Kooyman will not be engaging in a price war with local retailers

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Kooyman Holding International BV, Herbert van der Woude.

Chief executive officer (CEO) of Kooyman Holding International BV, Herbert van der Woude.

Kooyman Megastore, the 'one-stop-shop' for hardware, and home improvement supplies opens on Saturday, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kooyman Holding International BV, Herbert van der Woude has insisted that the retailer will not be starting “price wars” with local businesses. 

Speaking to the media on the impact the US $40 million project will have on the economy, van der Woude indicated that contractors will be able to complete their transactions faster with the megastore's drive-thru service and local hardware and home improvement sector will have to step their game up. 

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“I think there is going be a pressure on the whole sector to lift up its level of assortment, pricing services etc. Other markets, where we have seen the same effects, none of them go out of business. It is just the market as a total will grow where you have more supply and the demand will go up. . . . but we are certainly not looking to put any competitor out of business."

“I think there is always room for different concepts, if you are a small hardware building materials company you focus more on customer intimacy, you can be more focused on the individual customer where you have niches and specialty products that you offer and you can become better at that, whereas Kooyman focuses more on the general broad assortment of building materials,” he added.

The Kooyman Holdings CEO stated that the regional hardware retailer was not a “price fighter” but sought to offer its customers a wholesome shopping experience, however, they would not ignore the challenge if it presented itself. 

“Price is not a thing we will fight on but we have fair prices. We offer relatively competitive prices but I think the inspiring environment, breadth of the assortment, knowledgeable employees and additional services like mixing paint, transporting, maintenance and repair of power tools, that is more where we focus on than being a price fighter. We will never a price war when it sets in but we won’t be the first to start a price war,” he persisted. 

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