Wednesday 24 July, 2019

Caesar's Army forced to pull Bacchanal Road 2018 in Barbados

A lack of venue permission is being cited for the cancellation of Caesar's Army Bacchanal Road Bim. 

On Wednesday, Caesar's Army issued a statement saying that the event, which would have been in its second year in Barbados, was canceled.

"Romans, The Army will not march to Bacchanal Road this year in Barbados. This decision was not taken lightly as the team explored all avenues by which the event could take place. Ultimately, 'experience is the teacher of all things' and the concern of the safety of our patrons and other venue issues have prompted us to cancel the event," the notice said. 

When contacted, Jules Sobion, head of Caesar's Army, told Loop permissions for venues were difficult to achieve. 

He said every venue they found they were denied permission.

The last venue was Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens, the site of last weekend's party Puff of Colour which was tainted by a brawl that took place after the event.

Sobion said they were told that they did not receive approval for the police strength required for the event which involves costumed patrons parading around the venue. 

Stating that he has never canceled an event in his 25 years in the business, Sobion said he took the decision to cancel the event because his execution team was going bonkers to secure a venue at the last minute. Bacchanal Road was due to be held on Sunday.

Caesar's Army other two events, AM Bush and Sunblock, a wet fete in collaboration with Aura, are still on. 

Bacchanal Road ticket holders are asked to contact their committee members for a full refund or to exchange their tickets for entry to Sunblock on August 2.


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