Thursday 4 June, 2020

Leave it in 2018

By Michron Robinson

Now that Barbados has rung in a new year, some artists have a lot to say about what people need to leave in 2018.

Starting the ball off is performing artist and businesswoman Yolanda Holder who told Loop News:

“ I think we can leave Donald Trump in 2018. We can take with us more forgiveness, kindness and gratitude. Share your blessings in 2019.

"Do not take people who pull you down, let someone else take them up. Leave your disappointments in 2018."

Poet and journalist Lashawna Griffith had this to say:

“I would say that Barbadians need to leave the concept of colourism. They need to not think that fair skin is greater or local is inferior to international. I think we need to leave behind being so dependent on jobs. People need to leave behind the non-Barbadian things and get back to our roots and our culture." While professional photographer Ramat Jean-Pierre wants Barbadians to come together:

“The biggest thing for me was the election and I think we need to leave behind past administrations and move forward making Barbados better.

"The only way we can do it is if we all come together and work together as one people with a new direction and a new freshness. We need to leave those memories and policies behind,” he said in a telephone interview.

What trends do you think should be left in 2018?

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