Wednesday 19 February, 2020

Little Treasures Nursery prepared to go to court over allegations

The operator of the day care center has warned those who continue to spread allegations to consider the legal ramifications.

The operator of the day care center has warned those who continue to spread allegations to consider the legal ramifications.

The St. James Nursery, which has fallen into disrepute publicly over allegations of mistreatment of the young charges, has broken its silence and has announced they will be seeking legal counsel on the matter.

Over the weekend disturbing allegations came to light via social media claiming that children at the nursery were not being cared for adequately. The information was apparently aired by ‘aunties’ employed at the facility who had earlier been given notice of layoffs.

A statement posted to the day care center’s Facebook page on Sunday, said legal counsel will be sought to address the allegations leveled against the operators of the facility.

“The truth is the ultimate defence, and the extreme seriousness of the allegations in the public domain now means that we have had to retain legal counsel concerning these malicious and defamatory statements.

"We do, and have always, placed the safety and comfort of our children as our priority for thirteen years. This is backed by years of routine inspections by the state agencies charged with maintaining standards and safety for children.”

The statement went on to state aunties are expected to fully supervise each charge while at the center, and noted if the allegations were true, aunties would also have been complicit in the mistreatment.  

“Little Treasures adheres to a strict ratio of staff to children in each age group. It is impossible for an auntie not to know where each and every child in Little Treasures is at any given time. If any of the allegations were true, none of the alleged incidents could have taken place without the facilitation/participation and/or full knowledge of aunties. In addition, these allegations would not now be heard for the first time in 13 years, when it took only a few hours after staff layoffs for them to be placed in the public domain. We urge you to assess these allegations on your own independent judgment.”

The statement also warned persons who are reportedly ‘spreading’ the allegations to be mindful of the legal ramifications.

“Again, we have sought legal advice pertaining to this matter, and we ask those who continue to spread these allegations to study the legal ramifications of their continued actions when they are proven to be false.

"Our record stands on its own. We have educated some of the best young minds in Barbados, and the vast majority of our former parents can attest to our quality. We now look forward eagerly to the settlement of this matter through the appropriate legal channels.”

The center was reportedly closed on Monday, July 3 and reopened its doors only today where parents are expected to be brought up to speed on the developments.

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