Tuesday 2 June, 2020

Lil Rick is the Loop 2018 Man of the Year

Rickey ‘Lil Rick’ Reid can file 2018 under the category of ‘Best Year Ever’ following a successful Crop Over season.  

He wears the title of father and husband proudly and this year he added three Crop Over titles, as well as being the Loop Man of the Year, to his long list of wins and accomplishments. 

From the opening of the Crop Over season, Barbadians were well aware that Lil Rick's soca songs were a cut above the rest.

With Rick being the super talented musician that he is, he released a plethora of tracks including 'Mudda Sally', 'Ben It', 'True Story', 'Sugar Lump', 'Hover It' and the ever-popular 'Breakfast in Bed,.  

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His first success came with the Yello International Bashment Soca Competition where he stole the title in an energetic performance with 'Ben It'. He walked away with the grand prize of a $80,000 and he was just getting started. 


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In the Sweet Soca competition, 'Breakfast in Bed' saw Rick cop the crown, prize money and a car compliments McEnearney Quality Inc.  

An upset by Party Monarch King, Michael "Mickey" Mercer, saw Rick miss out on a hat trick but he was able to take second place with 'Mudda Sally'.  

This minor hiccup did not stop Rick as he later went onto to take the Road March title with 'Mudda Sally'. He also won the Stag Jam Tune with 'Ben It' and 'Mudda Sally'.  

Despite this tremendous success, Rick continues to remain focused on his family as he told Loop in an interview in August.  

The father of four said he will always put his family first. 

“As long as you’re giving good with the family, you’re good with everybody else.” 

Loop congratulates Lil Rick on his success this year and wishes him and his family a prosperous 2019!



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