Thursday 15 November, 2018

Loop Health: Four more reasons to eat conkies

Independence Day has come and gone, but the never ending debate over "raisins or no raisins" rages on.

While you cannot celebrate Independence Day without conkies in many Barbadian households, there are actually quite a few reasons to enjoy it all year round. 

The taste is enough to convince many persons to have conkies. Whether with or without raisins, heavy on the sweet potato, pumpkin or cornmeal, persons seem to be able to find the perfect recipe to make it just right for their taste buds.
There is much more to this Barbadian delight than its satisfying taste however. Take a look at these four health-based reasons to eat conkies.

1 Flavourful fibre
Did you know that conkies are full of fibre? 
Fibre aids in digestion and can also help those who are trying to lose weight.
So eat those conkies knowing that you are getting your fibre on. 

2 Healthy proteins to delight your appetite
Some of the ingredients in conkies are rich in protein. 
That means they don’t only help to give you energy, but also aid in your body’s growth and repair.

3 Eat your way to beautiful skin
Yes! Conkies are great for your skin as well.
Pumpkin helps to protect the skin through its hydrating powers. Added to this, it is loaded with antioxidants which add to your skins brilliant look. 
Similar qualities can be found in other ingredients such as coconut.

4 Vitamin and mineral haven 
Like with the proteins many of the ingredients in conkies are loaded with vitamins and minerals.
Pumpkin, sweet potato, coconut and cornmeal… these are all known for their superfood qualities. 
Go ahead and eat that conkie knowing that you are fulling your body with Vitamin A, Vitamin Bs, iron and more. 

Now you have four excuses, when next you’re caught eating all those conkies.