Friday 3 July, 2020

Loop Health: 5 reasons why you should consume more water

You've heard it said to drink at least eight glasses of water a day over and over again. But what's it really about?

While some person's water needs may vary depending on their level of activity and other factors, there is no doubt we need water in our life. 


Keep your skin shining

Think about... how does your skin look when it's dry?

Not its best by far I'm sure.

In walks water. 

While it will not magically smooth your wrinkles, it will help your skin look more radiant as you are hydrated.


Get rid of waste

Your kidneys need water to help flush out waste which your body produces as it carries out daily functions.

But if there is not enough water to do this, you make this process challenging and may even end up with kidney stones. 

Checking the colour of your urine can be a good indicator of if you're drinking enough water, with paler colours indicating normal hydration and darker yellows showing that you need to get your water on.


Get in a better mood

Yes, water impacts on mood too!

When you are dehydrated, you are highly likely not to be in a good mood, recall information as well as you normally do or just perform at your best mentally. 

Studies have soon that persons of all ages - children to seniors - are negatively impacted by a lack of water. 

So remember to drink up before you think up... (we tried). 


Calories Control

Reaching for a soft drink everytime is sure to add on the pounds.

Compare these sugary drinks to reaching for water and being filled with nothing but pure, cleansing liquid.

This makes it a better choice if you are seeking to maintain or lose weight.


Keep everything moving

Remeber the discussion about the kidneys above?

It's best to get waste out of your body in a timely manner and water helps with your bowel function too.

Yes, fibre is important and when it's combined with water they create an unstoppable force.

Ok, maybe not unstoppable, but when your body doesn't get enough water the colon pulls fluid from stool causing constipation.

Drink enough water and it'll work along with fibre to sweep waste out of your body. 


Now remember you can get water from a variety of sources such as fruits, vegetables and soups, so there is really no excuse but to go get hydrated! 

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