Friday 18 September, 2020

Loop Sunday Lunch - Orange Chicken

Try using oranges in a different way featuring this Orange Chicken recipe courtesy Cooking Classy

Chinese Orange Chicken

For the easy orange chicken and the special orange sauce you’ll need:


Chicken breasts

Chicken broth

Orange juice and zest

White vinegar

Soy sauce

Granulated sugar

Dried ginger

Yellow onion







Vegetable or peanut oil, for frying

Green onions and sesame seeds, for garnish


How to Make Orange Chicken

1. To make this homemade orange chicken, you marinate chicken pieces in a simple orange chicken sauce, while setting aside 1/3 of the sauce and thickening it for coating at the end.

2. Then you dredge the marinated chicken pieces in eggs followed by cornstarch and fry in hot oil until they’re perfectly golden brown and crisp.

3. Finish by coating them in that truly irresistible orange sauce.

It may take a few steps to make Chinese orange chicken, but after one bite you’ll realize it was most definitely worth it!

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