Monday 1 June, 2020

Loop Traffic Report: Call-out PSV drivers

Here's a look at out roads and major concerns this morning.


There were no major accidents reported to police at this time.


Traffic is heavy across the island.


Constable David Alleyne of the Royal Barbados Police Force's Traffic Division is urging persons not to stay in public service vehicles (PSV) that are driving recklessly.

He urged persons to speak up in numbers,  as it is more important to reach their destination safely, than potentially being involved in an accident: 

"Persons on public service vehicles must tell drivers when they are doing foolishness...

"Look at the bigger picture, if you don't speak up you may not get where you are going. It is too important for you to be trusting your life to someone doing foolishness on the road - speak up!"


Exercise extra caution on our roads as some of them are wet at this time.  


Drive Safely! 

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