Tuesday 17 July, 2018

Loop Traffic Report - No ducking! Pick the correct lane from early

Here's a look at our roads and major concerns this morning.

According to the Royal Barbados Police Force, Traffic Division, some drivers are not making early lane selections when they approach roundabouts.


There was one accident with no injuries reported to Traffic this morning.

The accident occurred by Martinique Road along Government Hill near Springer Memorial Secondary School.


Traffic is heavy in and around Bridgetown.

Traffic along Highways 1 and 2 is light.

Reported Concerns

Constable David Alleyne said that some drivers are being bothersome. He said that some people are choosing the lane that is moving fastest along the highway and not the lane that they need.

Using the example of vehicles approaching the Bermuda Triangle when traffic is heavy, he said that people are choosing the inside lane from the Barrow section of the ABC Highway as they approach Garfield Sobers roundabout and then when they get to the roundabout they are forcing themselves across, “or what we call ducking”, to try to get to go left and down Rendezvous Hill. He said that is a no-no and it is a very concerning practice that they are seeing and drivers are complaining constantly when people “duck” in front of them.


Select the lane you need, not the lane you want. That is the advice of Constable Alleyne.

Drive safely and have a good day!