Friday 19 July, 2019

LOOP Traffic Report – Tourists using roundabouts wrong too

Here is a look at our roads and the major concerns this morning.

According to the Royal Barbados Police Force, Traffic Division, drivers need to follow the roundabout rules.


No accidents reported this morning.


Vacation has not ended as yet, so traffic is still light and flowing on the island’s major roads.

Reported concerns

Too many accidents are happening in and around the roundabouts, especially at the D’Arcy Scott roundabout in Warrens, St. Michael.

“Visitors as well, they are using the left lane to go right,” complained Sergeant Seibert Johnson.


“Remain stationary till people complete their manoeuvres. People seem to be in a hurry and then the accidents happen.

“Adhere to markings also. The arrows show the right lane is to go right and the left lane is to go left or go straight at the roundabout,” he advised.

He says even the tourists "think they are right". Though the instructions at the roundabouts in Barbados "follow international standards", the tourists seem to be tossing such to the wind and driving as they like, along with some of the local drivers.

Drive safely and have a good day!

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