Sunday 20 October, 2019

'Lord Evil' and three charged with murder, walk free

Andre "Lord Evil" Jackman (FILE)

Andre "Lord Evil" Jackman (FILE)

From outrage over bail on a murder charge to a curfew adjustment to allow him to celebrate nuptials, the controversies surrounding the arrest of Andre "Lord Evil" Jackman for the murder of Charley Dume have only escalated over the last four years.

Yesterday, however, the dust finally settled on the affair.

The capital charge was dismissed against Jackman and three others after instructions from the Director of Public Prosecutions Office suggested that there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the matter.

Jackman who resides in Stroud Bay, Crab Hill; Zaviere Renaldo Walkes of Archers Road, Crab Hill; Rory St. Clair Thomas of Grape Hall; and Shane Akeem Omar Babb of Fryers Well; all in St Lucy were jointly charged with murdering Charley Dume on April 26, 2014.

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Justice Randall Worrell dismissed the matter yesterday, Friday, April 6, in the No.2 Supreme Court.

Over the years since Jackman's initial arrest, the St. Lucy resident had remained in the public eye. First, in May 2015 his attorney, Arthur Holder managed to argue successfully for bail on behalf of his client. This move did not sit well with many members of the public and ignited heated debates on the streets and in newspaper columns about whether a murder accused should be granted bail. He was eventually released on $175 000  bail a year later.

In December 2016, Jackman's curfew was adjusted by the court to accommodate his then-upcoming wedding.

Before the walk down the aisle, however, Jackman again made news headlines when he went before a Bridgetown Magistrate Court for offences that allegedly occurred at Club Rehab. The club was reportedly the venue for Jackman's bachelor party. Those charges, which included assaulting a woman and damaging property at the venue, were eventually dropped by the complainants.

Over a year later, Jackman's name would again surface in the news. This time for a curfew breach. The prosecution asked for Jackman's bail to be revoked after he was caught on the streets within the restricted time frame. His lawyer, Holder accused the police of prejudicial conduct. Holder condemned the manner in which the breach was handled by authorities calling it "unfair". However, the original curfew, before the adjustment, was reinstated.

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