Sunday 24 June, 2018

Lux CROPOVER brings Fyah to Grand Kadooment

Fyah costume

Fyah costume

A new band is prepping to hit the streets of Barbados for Grand Kadooment 2017 and it’s getting a great response already.

Last year Lux was on the road but as a VIP section in Kontact  Band, but this year they are going full throttle.

Chatting with Loop, Marketing Head for Lux CROPOVER, Sharon Niles said that the concept is centered on three verbs – ‘Innovate, Captivate, Stimulate’.

“As we grow from a VIP section to a brand new carnival experience, these three words are the foundation of the Lux brand and vision behind our 2017 Costume Collection.

“We decided to take a stance to be under our own influence and enter into the market as a brand new band with a concept that mirrors our passion for mas and our love for the culture.”

The Creative Director Marlon Smart is the architect behind the overall concept and direction of our costume designs. “When the theme was constructed he ensured we had the right team assembled to bring the entire concept together. We truly could not have done it without his support and the support of other designers - Rawle Permanand and Zenobia LaBorde.

“Our VIP section - Eye of the Dragon, was inspired by CLOSE-ACT THEATRE, an international street theatre from the Netherlands who will join Lux CROPOVER on the road!”

With many speaking about the cut of costume bottoms for females and the skimpiness of other pieces, Niles said:

“In terms of skimpy costumes and complaints about costumes, the response to our collection has been very responsive! We heard statements such as, ‘Beauty Full’, ‘Own Your Own Power!’, and our favorite hashtag ‘#purebodylove’.”

And Lux CROPOVER even tried to showcase a variety of body types so as to encourage all persons.

“We wanted models that best represented the masquerader. Our model went viral in her full Frontline ‘Rhythm Fyah’ costume! Women who may have been hesitant or made to feel uncomfortable by other brand images, could now see themselves and how great they would look. This was a game changer in the sense it was as much a journey for one of our models as it was for us, a brand new band. Many thought it would of back fired but we received a tremendous response by bridging the gap and providing options with each collection, all masqueraders can feel sexy and look beautiful in all of our designs.”

Niles said that she also believes there is a place in the market for the new product.

“In terms of the market? Well the market is unsatisfied with rising costs and declining value. For that reason, we are committed to giving our patrons an unbelievable experience for Foreday and Crop Over where they get more value for their money.”

Going against the popular grain, Lux CROPOVER launched online. Niles explained:

“There is a saying, ‘Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same.’ Our goal was to make a lasting impression by placing our collection right in the palm of our audience. If our masqueraders can’t come to us we will go to them, whereever they are in the world. Everyone had a front and center viewing of our Video and 2017 Costume collection, in the medium that matters most - social media. We bought just as much hype and attention as if we had wasted thousands of dollars on a static band launch. There is a broader shift where e-commerce is the way to go and that was our direction.

“Our decision to launch in the digital space saved us from having to overprice our costumes like other bands and give our masqueraders more value by offering Foreday in their Crop Over package with Lux. That’s what distinguishes us from the other bands - two Jumps, one price, simple!”

And how has it been paying off for the newbie? Niles gladly reported, “We are so proud about the responses we have received both from our masqueraders and our sponsors. Our Instagram page has tripled since we started our campaign and traffic to our website has exploded.”