Monday 13 July, 2020

Man charged after telling police to 'call for backup'

A man caught illegally selling juices on Swan Street told the police to call for “backup” when they asked him to move.

And yesterday he received a tongue lashing from a Bridgetown Magistrate when he tried to justify his actions.

Makonan Amari Grant, 30, of  Holders Hill, St James, pleaded guilty to the offence related to selling marketable goods without a permit.

The prosecutor said Grant was seen selling the juices in the city on Monday and was approached by officers. When he was asked to produce a permit he replied: “No I getting something sorted”.

Grant refused to give his name and address to police and when told of the offence he said: “you could best call for backup cause I ain't moving from here”.

He was taken to the police station where he was arrested and charged.

In court today, Grant said he told officers he was “putting things in place” in terms of the permit. When they asked him to move he said he explained that he could not move at the time because he had three coolers with him.

He said the officers then became aggressive toward him.

Grant told the Magistrate that he was trying to earn money for child maintenance.

“It's not like I was doing anything fully illegal,” he said.

“But you were. It is either illegal or it's not it can't be in between. You offering goods for sale without a permit that makes it illegal," Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant replied.

Grant stressed that he had to “look for” $100 every week.

“Nothing good comes easy, you have to work's just how the world works unless you win the lottery. And even so, you have millions in the bank you still have to work to maintain it,” she said.

Grant will be sentenced on January 30 and will also have to bring the permit on that date.

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