Friday 18 September, 2020

Man fears waking to find home slid in gully, blames leaky water main

At his wit's end, Philip Cox stands on the edge of his sinking backyard.

At his wit's end, Philip Cox stands on the edge of his sinking backyard.

Philip Cox wants someone from the government or the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) to take his biggest nightmare seriously.

Residing along Upper Parks Road, St. Joseph, Cox walked Loop to the site of his aunt's home. She is now deceased and he has inherited the home but it's giving him constant nightmares.



Showing the damp areas, moss and settled water in front of the wooden house on the hill, before walking down the descending road to show the water slowly flowing down and settling further along as well, a tired Cox said that it has been this way for years. He said that he has reached out to authorities and they came, they looked and left but the leak which seems to be originating underground continues to seep to the surface and do its damage.

"The men came to fix the pipe, they say it ain't burst, they ain't come back. I keep telling them bout it, they still ain't come back. And they still ain't come yet," he lamented.

Taking care to step over the settled water in front of the home, he said that between the water and the moss on the road now a neighbour slipped and fell yesterday. 

He told Loop:

"All here does be soaking wet, soaking wet with water. A man come right here yesterday and fall down like sh**e. All de water run down all through here so." He said this as he walked from the front of the house to the back.

Pointing, Cox showed that from the side of the home you can see "it is leaning backwards" away from the road towards the gully. He went to the backyard and pointed to show how the land has collapsed in areas and descended in others. The ground in the yard is no longer at the same height as the front of the house.

Cox said that he really wants some attention because the house has even started to crack now. He admits the house requires some repairs, but he contended "it is a good house", however because of the land slippage he's truly frightened.

The resident also shared that parts of the area are prone to land slippage but he maintained that the leak from what he calls "the old rusty pipes underneath" is not only at fault, but it is accelerating and exacerbating his problem tremendously. He said that he is pleading for someone to come and dig up the pipes and stop the leak once and for all.

Cox has lived in Saddleback, better known as Parks Road all his life, since 1958.

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