Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Man promises not to break 12-month bond

District A Magistrate Court (FILE)

District A Magistrate Court (FILE)

Although he admitted stealing a man's cellphone, Darion Jason Watts declared: "I am no robber".

Watts, 24, of webSmith Road, Pinelands, St Michael made the declaration yesterday as he stood before a Bridgetown Magistrate charged with stealing the $700 cellphone from Ronanson Bowen.

It was on March 14 that Bowen made one of his routine visits to Queen's Park to take advantage of the venue's free WiFi. He sat on the bench near to the National Cultural Foundation Gallery and made some calls on his cellphone.

He saw three persons "liming" near to the area he sat but he did not pay much attention to them. As he continued in conversation on his phone one of those persons - Watts, rode towards him on a red bicycle. Watts said "Good night" and snatched the phone from Bowen's hand. 

Bowen gave chase but was unsuccessful, however, he gave police quite a detailed description - a male in his 20's with a small face, 'squinty' eyes, pointy chin, brown complexion, twisted hairstyle, white vest, 3/4 blue pants, black Fendi slippers and earrings.

The description led to Watts who was seen walking along Swan Street.

Watts pleaded guilty yesterday in the No.2 District 'A' Magistrates' Court and was placed on a 12-month bond to keep the peace. If the bond is breached he will have to pay the court $1500 forthwith or spend four months in prison.

"I ain gin break it, I promise," Watts told Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant before he left the court.

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