Monday 24 February, 2020

Man tried to show Magistrate how he hugged his ex, not choked her

An ex-lover found himself facing an assault charge yesterday after his ex-girlfriend said he choked her.

Though Damon Jamal Wharton, 31, of Sobers Lane, St Michael admitted to the charge of assault against Jennlika Elizabeth Austin, he tried to downplay his actions.

According to the facts, Austin and Wharton had been in a two-year relationship that ended in 2016. However, they would still have conversations via social media but Wharton became enraged when he found out Austin had moved on.

On July 19, Austin was walking along Tudor Street, St Michael when she noticed Wharton was trailing behind. Wharton caught up with her and began asking for her cell phone; a request Austin refused to respond to.

Wharton then head-locked her and only released when a police vehicle passed nearby.

Austin then went to Central Police Station to report the matter and as she left Wharton appeared behind her once more. She alerted the police and Wharton left. Police saw Wharton in Sobers Lane sometime after and he was charged.

Yesterday, Wharton said he did not place Austin in a headlock but was simply hugging her.

He even tried to demonstrate how he placed his hand around Austin that day.

"That's how you hug someone?" Magistrate Kristie Cuffy-Sargeant asked.

"It's true but I aint choke she," Wharton responded.

Wharton then explained that he had asked Austin to see her phone to show her that he had been calling her.

He was adamant that he did "nothing" to Austin and was surprised when "real police" came for him.

The court made an order to have Austin summoned to the court on Monday to hear her side.

The magistrate warned Wharton to stay away from Austin and to avoid hugging, messaging her on any social media application. Wharton was granted $500 bail.

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