Sunday 21 October, 2018

WATCH: Marvay challenges shy seven-year-old boy

The whole group was all smiles by the end of the chance encounter.

The whole group was all smiles by the end of the chance encounter.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

This was in essence how Marvay's self-proclaimed biggest fan felt when she along with her sister and two nephews ran into Marvay and Sanctuary on Spring Garden this evening. The two calypsonians were taking in the sights and scenes of Bridgetown Market in the aftermath of the 2018 Grand Kadooment jump when they met up with the family.


Mariesha Toppin spotted Marvay first as they strolled by Courts Warehouse on Spring Garden and pointed him out to her sister. "I know she likes him a lot so I showed her", said Toppin. "I am his number one fan!" agreed Latisha Gittens.

But when Loop came upon the group, it was a shy, Shamari Hampden, who was trying to hide behind his mum that caught our eye. Marvay said, "Don't be shy! I'm challenging you Shamari!" And from there it became a mini Marvay and Shamari show as he sung and tried to coerce the little fan to show his face.

Just six years old, Shamari loves music and his aunt boasted that because of her, he also loves Marvay especially.

Eventually, Shamari came out and gave a tentative smile and even went as far as to give Marvay 'a knock'.

Marvay told Shamari's mom, Toppin, "I love his energy!"

After the two calypsonians walked away, the family took a selfie for posterity and Gittens declared, "I'm so glad I left home!" Shamari was all smiles by now and his toddler brother, three-year-old Shamani Hampden just watched the whole scene as it unfolded from the safety of his aunt's loving arms.

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