Monday 13 July, 2020

POLL: ‘Massive response’ to Chefette’s Super Bowl Sunday special

Pizza from Chefette Airport branch.

Pizza from Chefette Airport branch.

The Eagles were not the only ones celebrating on Sunday, February 4; one restaurant in Barbados came out on top too.

Hundreds, if not thousands of pizzas and wings, were sold on Super Bowl Sunday by Chefette Restaurants Limited, as Barbadians took full advantage of their one-day special.

Managing Director, Ryan Haloute told Loop News:

“Overall, we are very happy and humbled by the massive response we received for our Super Special, February 4th, 2018, on Whole Pizzas and the 24-piece Wing Dings.”

However, the day’s achievements were not easily won.

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It seemed as though some customers had horror stories about their Super Special experience, but for almost every one of those, there was a happy family who was pleased as punch with the service they received.

Chefette was busy on social media tending to hiccups and trying to smooth out any issue, which cropped up during the day.

The below response was popping up constantly on Chefette’s social media platforms:

ilovechefette Please accept our apologies for this and call the location it transpired at and they can assist you directly or private message us on Facebook with your number.

Do you want Chefette to repeat this buy one pizza get one pizza free special?


Here are some of the stories on Chefette’s Instagram:

12fingersandtoes understood the process, saying, “I called rockley after 5 my pick up was 7 and I got thru by 715 so it just timing at the end a the day it's humans who make these things and a pizza machine don't be unreasonable or except the unexpected. But who in the industry would understand.”

kimmetonia told Chefette that she has some tips to improve their service if they ever repeat this offer.

“I DM’d you earlier tonight as I was trying to collect my order tonight (no response yet)...which I ordered at 6pm and was told 3.5-4 hours...I was also told to call back (St. George) which I did before going there numerous times...Long story short, it was a bit chaotic but thanks to Mrs. Harris I got through. I do have a few suggestions based on what I saw soo let me know Who I can contact to give some feedback to.”

Though some people said that the staff at the branches they ventured to were at their wit’s end and starting to snap unfortunately, rikajjay found a silver lining in another manager just like Kimmetonia with Mrs. Harris.

“I had to wait on my pizza but the cashier told me the anticipated wait time. A manager came out and took my number and assisted with my order. I think despite the hassle your staff handled it really well and i enjoyed my pizza @ilovechefette

The social media personnel responded to almost each comment to not only congratulate successful patrons, but to try to save loyal customers and prevent others from saying that the whole experience has left them scarred.

Looking back on the Special event and how it unfolded, Haloute added: 

“Our staff and management worked very long hours to service the large crowds as best as possible and also perform service recovery as best as we can.  We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all our employees, customers and suppliers for the enormous support shown for our Super Special and our 45th Anniversary year.”

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