Tuesday 11 August, 2020

Matthew Farley’s last words of advice

Matthew Farley may no longer be with us but his nuggets of wisdom will continue to live on.

Two years ago, at his final Speech Day as the Principal of Graydon Sealy Secondary School, back on December 5, 2014, a grateful Farley left some advice for students, staff, parents and guardians, along with his well wishes.

To the students, he said:

“Remember that you are unique and special and each of you has a talent.  There is no one like you.  Students, those of you who will not  receive an award today – use this award ceremony to inspire you also to plan a journey where at every point you see excellence as a stepping stone to reach or even surpass the next level.  You must therefore give of your best at all times and never settle for low standards.  Say to yourself, “Next year, that prize will be mine”.  If you believe, set goals, have a positive attitude, be respectful, polite, and well deported, you will succeed.” 

He thanked the teachers for their continued dedication and commitment. He urged, “I therefore, thank you sincerely for your significant contributions and for your general support as we work together, keeping our motto ‘Promote all aspects of our growth’ before us and keeping the positive and holistic development of all the students in the Graydon Sealy family as our main focus.”

And he did not forget the non-teaching staff members who he said play vital roles in the smooth running of any school. “I want to thank them all for their part in looking out for the safety and development of the students at this school.”

The Parents-Teachers Association and Graydon Sealy Alumni were praised too. On the final occasion, he also shared special words of gratitude and sincere public thanks to them saying that they continue to demonstrate their interest in this school and the development of its students. 

“Ever so often we hear statements that parents do not support or former students do not give back to schools, but I want to stress that both the Alumni and PTA of Graydon Sealy Secondary are fine examples of the kinds of support every school needs to help its growth and development especially in these very challenging  times. They are worthy of emulation by other schools across this country.”

Matthew Farley had a vision to make Graydon Sealy Secondary School a number one choice of school for parents. 

He encouraged, “It must and will cater to the multiple intelligences of the students enrolled.”

In closing, to the parents he advised:

“I want to say to you that it is imperative that you adopt the following statements with your children. Use words like ‘I cannot afford it at this time’, ‘Later’, ‘Wait’, ‘You were wrong,’ and above all ‘No’.

“Do not be afraid to discipline your son or daughter or to say ‘no’ to them.  Do not spend your time working to give them all the things you say never had and so believe that they must get everything and lack for nothing.  These are some of the statements that I hear quite often.  Parents, Guardians your children will not love you any less when they do not get everything that they ask for. Even if they say, ‘I hate you’, ignore them. They do not really mean it and are just using that to force your hand. Give them what they need rather than what they want and all else will fall into place. Guide then in the areas of punctuality, deportment, honesty, cooperation, courtesy, perseverance and pride of achievement.”

His funeral service will take place tomorrow at 9:00am at the Abundant Life Assembly.


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