Saturday 20 July, 2019

Armed robbers in Trinidad caught on CCTV

Trinidad and Tobago citizens expressed outrage, after yet another video of an alleged robbery was shared online. 

The video, which appeared to be dated December 15, 2017, showed two men who appeared to be armed as they barged into a store in Longdenville, Chaguanas last Friday.

One man wore a mask however the other was not masked and wore a hat, waving his firearm at the cashier and appeared to force her to empty the contents of the cash register. 


Citizens expressed frustration with the spiralling crime situation.

Renee Muslimah James:

"Thief today,live like a big shot for one or two days and what happens next...back to square .....sufferation!"

Shay Clarke:

"These wicked b**ches wouldn't look for a damn work... That's why when police shot allyuh ass is not to feel sorry for allyuh."

Lauren Herbert:

"Hmm foolish ignorant young animals .why were some of us given the opportunity to walk upright on two legs and speak .robbing poor people like yrself for lunch money.Is that what your freedom or life worth ?a few dollars and its all spent by tomorrow. People tears will fall on them and they will never see their way in life."

Kerri Fullerton:

"Ladddd boiiiii....can’t go nowhere now...not even the grocery without fear smh."

Simon Welch:

"Time to bring the hangman back. Govt and opposition playing with citizens life each day. Time for change. Time for action. Time for these fellas to know the timing no questions ask."

Chanallee Shade:

"Yip this happens on a daily bases where i live and its exactly this same grocery outside my street...they do this every day cuz nobody not doing none."

Citizens are urged to be vigilant and careful over the Christmas and Carnival period.

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