Friday 10 July, 2020

Met Office: Why Barbados feels extra hot these days

Wind speeds in Barbados have been drastically cut.

This morning the wind speed and direction was noted by the Barbados Met Office as "light and variable".

Loop News learnt that this was because wind speeds were below three knots or under six kilometres per hour and the little wind coming was from the North at times and from the East at other times.

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Outside was so still this morning and afternoon that Meteorologist David Harding said if someone was burning debris the smoke would have risen vertically into the air without bothering the neighbours. He said on a usually windy day the wind would blow at a 30-degree angle or thereabout but not today.

Bajans were complaining about the heat after Loop posted this morning's weather report. And one reader, Vishall Singh even said, "Feels like 100000000000000 degrees in Barbados every day which is not normal." So we went to the authorities on all things weather to get to the root of this heat.

Harding explained that the high-pressure system is weakened and when that happens it lowers wind speeds. He said a decrease in pressure causes "wind speeds to fall off "and with these high temperatures it "becomes warmer".

He said winds were less than three knots today so "you won't even see leaves or trees blowing".

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And many readers agreed with this sentiment fully.

His biggest 'amen' came from Gabrielle Ache who wrote, 'I have never seen leaves so still. When are the rains coming?'

Meanwhile, others on our Facebook page wrote:

Lavern Hinds - No wind @ all in Orange Hill in St James

Tamara Clarke - No wind at all just heat

Sweetness Rawlins - No wind at all in St Philip heat and more heat

Aquarius Rastress - Only wind I getting is from my fan

Mickey Fitzpat - No wind,Pine St. Michael


Video caption: Let's Talk heat in Jamaica

And Divine Duchess said, 'Listen I think the devil take up residence on earth cuz out here hotter than a mf (smiley face emoji)'

But Harding reminded that this is the hurricane season and the hurricane season won't end until November 30, so as weather systems generate in or pass through the Atlantic and Caribbean they will pull away the winds and hit the high-pressure system constantly.

Tropical Storm Humberto passed by The Bahamas today and is moving North.

Tonight the temperature is 28.6-degrees Celsius and the wind speed is 11 kilometres per hour.

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