Monday 3 August, 2020

'Mia cares' about Washington University of Barbados students

'BLP cares' was more than a catchy slogan. (FILE)

'BLP cares' was more than a catchy slogan. (FILE)

The students enrolled at Washington University of Barbados will not be left out in the cold, hungry and uncertain of their future, if the Prime Minister of Barbados has her way.

Barbados' leader asserted, "we do not need to have a humanitarian crisis on our hands".

Giving the assurance that the students will be taken care of as the saga concerning 'the University' and its Directors unfolds, Prime Minister Mia Mottley is showing that 'Mia cares' and 'BLP cares' were not merely campaign slogans and politricks to get her and her now Cabinet members into parliament to represent Barbadians.

In her Address to the Nation on Sunday evening, October 14, 2018, she said:

"These children who have been left out to sea, and I call them children, because in many instances they are 18, 19 and 20 [years old], young people who are thousands of miles away from their home, have at least to be treated like the human beings that they are, and to ensure that they are given access to shelter and to food and to the basic necessities of like, while we sort out what is to happen with them."

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Noting that the country is now left with "a bill" as a result of this circumstance, she said that some options are on the table for those affected.

The Prime Minister disclosed that now is the time for the students, who are victims in this whole debacle, to decide whether they wish to continue to pursue their studies in Barbados or elsewhere or return to their homes in India.

She shared that they will have a say in "whether to be transferred to existing schools nationally or whether to return home to their countries." She said that the next step is "dependent on their indicative preferences." 

But to Barbadians in her hour-long address, she added that this is but one of the "things" which has confronted the duly-elected Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government since taking up the reins of this country on May 25, 2018. 

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To date, the Chief Executive Officer of Washington University of Barbados Rao Venkata Gopi, 42 of Falcon Crest, Tuscany, Oldbury, St Philip and one of its Directors, Deoraj Jaimangal Dalchand, 33, of Jacaranda Circle, Apple Drive, Union Development, are both on remand at Barbados' prison - HMP Dodds.

The duo faces the following charges: 

1) Three counts of Fraud in relation to Casa Grande Inc. located at Oldbury in St. Philip, by disbursing $210 000 between three bad cheques in the District 'C' jurisdiction.

2) Disbursing a bad cheque in the amount of $30 000 to Furniture Limited, sometime between December 28, last year and September 30, in the District 'A' jurisdiction.

They are remanded until November 12, 2018.

According to the President of the Barbados International Business Association (BIBA) Julia Hope in a recent interview with Loop News, so far the country's jurisdiction as it relates to international businesses seems unimpacted by this situation, however she says it is proof that even greater due diligence needs to be done before doing work with anyone who wants to operate here. She assured that presently Barbados asks a lot of interested investors and businesses but more can be done.


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