Sunday 15 December, 2019

Mikey bringing another level of ‘Feting & Brass’

Mikey wukking like it's his last.

Mikey wukking like it's his last.

Michael ‘Mikey’ Mercer drew number two and he has a plan for tomorrow’s Party Monarch competition.

Loop: How has the season been going for you?

Mikey: The season has been going ok. It hasn't jumped off like previous years

Loop: Have you seen any differences in the arena and industry this year in comparison to last year?

Mikey: This year there is a lot more bashment and that's what's been dominating the airwaves, so much so that only within the last few weeks, people are truly getting to know the sweet soca and party songs.


Loop: What do you think of party Monarch going first?

Mikey: I think the Party Monarch going first is going to make it even harder for the contestants in that competition, because even from a feting perspective, you don't walk into a fete and start to jump up right away. Not even DJs do that. But it is what it is and I believe everything happens for a reason.

Loop: What's your plan for tomorrow?

Mikey: My plan is to bring vibes on another level and pull out some stops. I'm going hard for the win!

Loop: What has your charity been doing this year and back to school plans?

Mikey: This year the Team Mikey charity has been doing more donations to households of some people in need. We also started a program called ‘Making A Difference’, which is geared toward the island’s children. We visited a few schools and had some discussions with the children about how to deal with their anger and such like and trying to channel that negative energy into something positive.

We also did a scholarship to the top student of St Philip Primary School.

We will be trying to assist a few families in need heading back into the school year as well.

Are you Team Mikey?

Best wishes tomorrow!

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