Wednesday 27 May, 2020

Prescod: Give Kwanzaa as much attention as Christmas

Member of the local Pan-African community and Minister of Environment and Natural Beautification, Trevor Prescod wants the celebration of Kwanzaa to be adopted in all homes.  

Prescod said while it was not an attempt to “get rid” of Christmas, he was of the view the Kwanzaa festival should be at the forefront of holiday celebrations. 

“We [need to] stay faithful to the principles, not only of Kwanzaa, but also to the knowledge that comes from the black world. I believe if we set about on that intensive educational program then we will come here every year and our people will enjoy Kwanzaa, equally as much or with greater enthusiasm than they enjoy Christmas itself.” 

Prescod said while he was heartened to see an increase in the number of people who came out to the Opening of Kwanzaa at Pelican Village on Wednesday night, he said many Barbadians need to reconnect with their black, African consciousness.  

"Whenever you try to point to traditional African religion, the view is that you are practicing obeah. Everything that is ours, people find some form of language to let you know that black people are sub-human beings.” 

Minister Prescod also raised concerns about the lack of knowledge provided in schools and churches about African philosophers, festivals and principles.  

While noting it was not going to happen overnight, Prescod said “we have to reconnect with the history of Africa.” 

He said it was imperative for black people to stop uplifting the values of the West over those rooted in African traditions. 

Kwanzaa is a Pan African holiday which is celebrated from December 26 to January 1. The festival is focused on the unification of family and the community. 



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